Aluminium die casting

Aluminium die casting is one of the main processes of metal working.

It is accomplished by injecting molten aluminium into the mould under high pressure.

Moulds are first and foremost precision machined to give the final product shape.

This is the right choice for mass-produced products, since it is possible to produce very precise parts. In everyday life, we can see many products made during the die casting process.

Thanks to the use of automated die casting machines and robotic systems, we can anticipate work processes and produce very large volumes continuously. We guarantee our customers flexibility and quality of the produced castings.

We use automatic die casting machines with a closing force of 350 to 850 tons. The maximum weight of the workpiece is 12 kg, with a projection of 1000 cm2.

In addition to supplying our products, we strive to ensure that there are no defects in the production process