About us


Established in 2009 on the premises of the former Electrical Engineering Factory in Mažeikiai.

Company efficiency is the most crucial thing in a manufacturing company. ABF LT constantly improves operational efficiency by optimizing the supply chain, reducing downtime, and improving production processes. The company ensures the standardization of machine tools, business management, and quality systems. Our ability to respond quickly to customer needs stems from an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience and best practices in the market. And what is best ABF LT is located just in the middle of Europe. It allows us to offer a great product with a very competitive logistic path.


Competence and experience;
Modern thinking;
Allocation of responsibilities;
Achieving results and being open to innovation;
These are the most important values of ABF LT.


The team is the most powerful tool in our company. The company invests in not only employee equipment but also employee training and workplace safety.

Our qualified and experienced engineers and technicians will take care of even the most complex projects. Starting from drawing to serial production and delivery.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

In 2016, with the help of EU funds, ABF LT successfully implemented the Monitor ERP system. Under the project number (No. S-03.3.1-LVPA-K-806-01-0145). The Enterprise Resource Planning system is used for planning and controlling production and other business processes. The system monitors the usage of machine tools and allows us to speed up production and delivery time.

Export markets

ABF LT exports 95% of its production to customers in Germany, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom, operating in various industries, including railways, hydraulics, lighting, agriculture and forestry machinery, medical, shipbuilding, and other markets.
ABF LT Export


Each year we participate in international subcontracting exhibitions noted below.


ABF LT is a member of LINPRA and LAuGEA industrial associations.
ABF LT association

LINPRA – Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association unites companies working in the metal, machinery and equipment, electromechanical and electronics, plastic, and rubber industries nationally and internationally.

ABF LT association

LAuGEA – Lithuanian Association of Automotive Parts Manufacturers and Exporters unites Lithuanian companies and scientific representatives related to the automotive industry.